"Money Can't Buy Love, But It Can Buy Diamonds!"

If there was ever a time to cut back on spending, your 20's would be it! Think of all of the stuff you're going to have to start laying out money for! A house, a car, a wedding, kids! Good Lord, that's just skimming the surface! So why is society putting so much pressure on spending, especially when it comes to something like an engagement ring? I know, I just posted about Engagement Ring Etiquette a little while ago, but I came across this article and it got me all fired up again!

"While in the past, rings have cost up to and around three months salary, modern grooms are putting down three weeks or less of their income", the report claims.

It also goes on to say that many women over estimate the cost of their rings. To be honest, I'm sure most women don't even have an idea of how much their ring costs! As long as its a good ring, that will last a lifetime (because that's how long you'll be together, just like in The Notebook!) then I say, get the most bang for your buck! Don't be saddled down by what society or some crazy pretentious, materialistic person's view. If you're proposing to someone, you should know them well enough to know what they would like, regardless of the price tag. Not to start my rant on all things marriage, but that's what is important here and I think that society needs to work at making that more front of mind!

I will say this, who wouldn't want a giant sparky diamond?? Sure, that would be wonderful and probably heavy, but the real prize is the relationship. So keep that in mind when finding the ring of her dreams :)
Have a wonderful and safe long weekend everyone!

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