Weddi-quette Wednesday!

I hope everyone had a marvelous long weekend! I sure did, I even had yesterday off, an extra long, long weekend! How wonderful. So suffice to say I was a bit tardy getting my Top 10 Tuesday up, I figured I would just postpone that one until next week! But, here we are again with Wedi-quette Wednesday. This weeks topic was suggested by my lovely Mom. "What is appropriate attire for the Mother of the Bride and the Mother of the Groom." Clearly this is something my Mom is already worrying about, what a hoot she is!

For the Mother of both the Bride and the Groom, this is a huge day! They've watched their son or daughter grow up into wonderful people and are so pleased that they've finally found their other half! Eyes will be on them all night, just as they will the happy couple! So, with that being said, the mother's have to look every bit as sassy as the bride! Here are some etiquette to follow while shopping for an outfit for the big day!
  • While it is actually customary for the Mother of the Bride to purchase her outfit first, in order to dictate what will be suitable for the mother of the groom, this is one of those traditions that has been completely lost. I've got to say, I think its a good thing that this has been dismissed as a tradition. How ridiculous to essentially start a competition between the 2 Mom's. So if you hear that this is customary, just ignore it and encourage both Mom's to look and feel their best by wearing what they'd like!
  • What colour is a no no?? Traditionally, the bride should be the only one wearing white. This would also put a nix on most colours in the white family-ivory, champagne, cream...etc. Black is for mourning and Red is considered too flashy. All this being said, as long as both Mother's are being tasteful, all of these colours can be gorgeous choices. While I still think staying away from white would be a good idea, I think this is more for photography sake. Everyone needs to be able to stand out and if the bride and one of the Mom's is wearing white, that's a lot of the same thing goin' on! Black and red? Both can be done right, so I say, don't discount either of those choices!
  • Do the Mother's need to stay in the same colour family as the bridesmaids? This is completely a personal preference of the bride. There is no "rule" dictating this one, some people really love the matchy matchy look. Some brides want the whole wedding to coordinate and some brides just don't care! Bottom line, as long as everyone is feeling beautiful and comfortable, that is the most important thing.
  • How much say does the Bride have in the Mother's dress choices? You should definitely chat about it, the bride might have suggestions on colour, style, length etc. This could be to suit the wedding, but it could also be because she knows you pretty darn well and wants you to look and feel as gorgeous as you are!
  • How far in advance should the mother of the Bride start looking? Right away, trust me on this one...you can never find THE dress too early. You really don't want to be stressing over what to wear as the months lessen and the big day gets closer. You want to know that you'll be feeling great on the big day and focus on the more important things with your son or daughter! This is a milestone moment for you both, so try to get the things that need to be completed out of the way early on!
  • How fancy do the Mother's have to be? Weddings are generally a pretty dressy thing (which I adore! Ohhh how I love dressing up and being fancy!). While no one is suggesting that you have to be wearing a full ball gown or look like a sequined explosion, you certainly cannot be disrespectful. I get that dressing up for some people is stressful and just not fun! But, in this situation you just have to bite the bullet and do it for your kids! There are tons of tasteful alternatives and pants are completely acceptable, should you dress them up enough!
  • Is there such a thing as too sexy? In a word...yes. You must remember this is their day, not yours. While you certainly don't have to wear something from a convent that is super frumpy, you also shouldn't be upstaging the bride! Just remember, be tasteful, classy and respectful!

My beautiful Mom & I!
Those are all of the basic rules when shopping for a dress for the Mommies! Just remember, this is an exciting time for them as well, so be patient and helpful while their looking for their outfits! Just like they were with you when you tried on 30 dresses! What an exciting time for everyone! For more information on this topic, check out The Knot. Happy Wednesday all!

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