Do It Yourself Gold!

Wow! This wedding has completely taken my breath away! This is what I am all about, it completely represents their personalities, it's unique, it's mainly DIY AND the best part is? They did it together. I literally sighed out loud when I read that! Good for these 2, teamwork! I specifically loved a few parts, that I would love to point out!
  • As an avid reader I truly loved that they used old books (I would suggest old love stories if you wanted to reenact this) as the table numbers. That is pure genius and super easy! Just hit up a used or antique bookstore, grab some paint and go to town! Also remember, your numbers don't have to look and be perfect, it's almost better to have them different, it's a bit more kitchy!
  • The Chalk Boards everywhere! How fun! Chalkboards are totally useful, not only can you be a perfectionist and keep re-doing them until you're in love! But, they also give that element of laid back comfort. You know the bride and groom don't take themselves too seriously if they've got chalkboards everywhere! Just be careful of people who get irritated by chalk dust and ensure they don't sit too close to the boards!
  • The Photo String! This one is kind of hard to spot, but they've pinned twine to the walls and hung photo's up by mini clothes pins! I LOVE IT! Ohhh man, I'm such a sucker for stuff like this! So original and just great! Personal photo's at a wedding allow you to see a bit more of that couple's story and feel more connected to their relationship
  • Re-useable! If you read the little piece on the bottom of this article, from the bride, you'll see that she and the groom trolled around antique shops prior to the wedding. They chose a barn because its a blank canvas (barn weddings will just never get old in my mind) and bought or made everything to go in it! Many of the antiques they bought can totally be re-used in their house! Brilliant! If we all focused on this thought alone think of all of the waste that wouldn't happen after weddings and all of the money that would be saved!
  • Last, but certainly not least, I loved the word LOVE they created from twine....how inspiring, because that is what a wedding is truly all about! What a create reminder, as well as a great photo prop!

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