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It's hard to believe we're already well on our way into September! Where did the summer go?? With Fall on the horizon, I've only got one thing in mind, Fall Weddings of course. I think I've mentioned my love affair with this richly coloured season on this blog and I've already pulled out my sassy boot collection, so I'm ready to rock and roll! This weeks Top 10 will be, the Top 10 Wedding Colour Palates for the Fall. I will take this time to mention, this isn't just pertinent to this year, these Fall colour palates are timeless, so if you're thinking about tying the knot next Fall, this post is for you! Here we go!

  • Honey & Wheat- being that the Fall is full of rich colours, thanks to the leaves changing, I think that it's best to stick with those as the basis. Honey & Wheat is a super inviting, cozy palate. There are tons of flowers and linen's to choose from! Plus, the colour will look great on most bridesmaid's, especially those holding on to their late summer tan!
  • Navy Blue & Cream- This is a classic palate choice, you could really play it up to fit any season. It's mixture of colours screams elegance and class! I can't picture navy and white, without picturing a Ralph Lauren Ad. Am I the only one that feels this way?
  • Teal & Chocolate Brown- Again, the chocolate brown half of this palate is warm and inviting, while the teal offers that pop! of colour. Just be careful about the varying shades of teal, some of them are just plain yucky, which would then make your brown look yucky and then....well I'm sure you all get where I am going with this.
  • Orange & Rust- I think Fall, I think Halloween, I think pumpkins! Hello late October Weddings, why not use pumpkins, there are a million different uses for them ( I cannot divulge them now, that will be an October Top 10) but what a great resource. Plus, they're so specific to that time frame! Love it! Also, I was careful to specify rust, not chocolate brown (orange and brown are nasty together) but rust on the other hand...that's more of a bronzey (I just made that word up) colour and I think that would look smashing for the Fall
  • Cranberry & Cream- Again, this little ditty could work for any season, I just love the shade of cranberry. I love the way the bride's dress pops against this colour, I love cranberry juice and I really think that's more then enough reason to select this colour!
  • Yellow & Orange- 2 basic colours, on their own, lets face it, they're a bit boring. But together?! Hello sunshine! Wooo I love a nice bright wedding, especially if the bride and groom are both cheery, outgoing people! What better way to reflect them?
  • Eggplant & Silver- this one is starting to push the boundaries into the Winter zone, as I like to refer to it. But it's still a super popular choice for the Fall. And really, why shouldn't it be? The darkness of the eggplant makes the silver really sparkle! 
  • Navy & Peach- This is a great colour scheme for the beginning of fall, the peach will really emphasize the last little bits of summer! Such a beautiful pairing.
  • Yellow & Grey- Gosh, I just love these 2 colours together! They're so fresh and whimsical. I really love the use of yellow for just about any season, minus Winter. It's bright and cheery!
  • Brown & Lavender- As much as I tried to stay away from the purple family, I do love Lavender and Brown together, they're very complimentary colours. Again this scheme can be carried through just about any season.
Fall is a great time to get married, especially if you're lucky enough to live somewhere as beautiful as Ontario. I love seeing the leaves change colour, sipping on a delicious Pumpkin Spice Latte, brisk Fall weather and boots! Lucky we get to experience all four seasons here and Fall is my favorite! So, when planning a Fall Wedding and choosing your colours, just look around you! Utilize the gorgeous background you've been giving to work with! Pull colours from the Fall foliage around you!

Happy Planning!

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