Weddi-quette Wednesday!

To bring a plus one or go solo, that is the question?

Everyone knows this could make or break your evening at a wedding. If you have a super fun boyfriend like I do (not bragging ;)) then you probably always want to bring a plus one....but if you're not in a relationship or if its a wedding where your significant other may not know a lot of people, it might be better to fly solo.

Wedding etiquette dictates that unless your invite says "Jessica Kavanagh & Guest" you're the only one getting invited. Sometimes people get confused when they open the invitiation and it asks who is attending and what meal you would prefer. I could see how this confuses some folks, the purpose of this sheet is not to tell your friends you're bringing a date, but to inform them that you, yourself are going. Most people don't have to resources or money to individually print everyone's names on the return card, it's just easier for you to write it yourself, this also ensures correct spelling on place cards. As I've stated before, if you have any doubts, just ask. Asking is always, ALWAYS better then just assuming.

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