Weddi-quette Wednesday!

Happy almost half way through the week everyone! Hold on a couple more days and then its the long weekend! Woo Hoo! This weeks etiquette is- common mistakes made at weddings! Many people just have no idea there are certain table manners that should be recognized (every day) especially at weddings. I am a real stickler for table manners, I've been brought up to think that meal time is sacred family time! Not time for cell phones or ignoring people. So, with that in mind, here are some great tips to ensure you're the picture of perfection when it comes to table etiquette!
  • Don't talk with your mouth full...should I even have to discuss this one? I mean honestly! Its pretty much exactly how it sounds. People don't want to see what your consuming, so, if you absolutely must respond to something, cover your mouth. Otherwise, wait to shovel something in there!
  • Napkins- when getting up for whatever reason be sure to put your napkin on the back of your chair, not the seat and definitely not the table. Here's why, if you put it on your seat, well your little behind has been there all night, not exactly what you want to think about the next time you wipe your face. And if you place it on the table, it signifies to the wait staff that you're done your meal! Imagine loosing out on half of a delicious meal because of that silly mistake! The back of the seat is where it's at!  
  • Bread Plate- this is always to the left. If you need a little help remembering, just sing Beyonce's song "to the left to the left, bread and butter plate always goes to the left!" (OK I changed up the lyrics a bit there, but at least now you'll remember!) If you mess this one up, it could throw off the whole table and you could end up munching on the same bread as your table mate all night, not ideal! If someone is using your plate, then they obviously haven't read this fantastic blog! (joking!) Just ask your server for another plate to keep the peace and not make anyone feel silly
  • Be chatty!- Everyone knows there is nothing worse then feeling left out. Sometimes the groups selected for each table might be a touch mismatched, but the bride and groom probably placed you there for a reason. Try to also keep in mind that other people might be feeling a bit shy, you might end up meeting someone or having the time of your life if you open up and chat with your table! Everyone is there for a reason, so if you're struggling with conversation topics, chat about the bride and groom!
  • Ladies First!- This is a big one, most caterer's will ensure that ladies get served first, its the gentlemanly thing to do boys, so don't fret, your meal is on the way! You're just forced into being polite :)
  • Put away those cell phones!- I'll be the first to admit I genuinely have no idea what I would do half the time without my Blackberry. Addiction may be a strong word, but goodness do I love that thing! I know this day in age it a natural reaction to grab it and start messaging people or surfing the web. But for gosh sakes, put it down at dinner! Live in the moment! The earth won't end because you missed one email! So talk to people, look them in the eyes and be genuinely interested in what they're saying...or at least look like you are!
That's about all for table etiquette for today! I hope this has been educational, a lot of it is obvious but sometimes people need reminding! If you have any etiquettes you're interested in learning more about, you know where to find me! jkavanagh.events@gmail.com

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