"It Would Be So Fulfilling To Create Something Lovely"

The wonderful Julie Andrews said the quote above and I couldn't agree more. If I had a saying for my event planning business, that would be it! Weddings are an extremely happy, lovely job to be doing. Sure, there can be some family drama, some tears and anxiety about the big day, but for the most part, its pure loveliness. You get to help people create their dreams, make what they see in their imagination come to life! It doesn't get much cooler than that! So, with that in mind, lets discuss my Top 10 Out of the Box Venue Ideas! Let's try to think of this as a something from nothing scenario!

I had the absolute honor of being asked to be a bridesmaid in an upcoming wedding this summer. The bride was my high school best friend! And I actually introduced the happy couple....should I be adding matchmaker to my services?!? As you could imagine I am SUPER excited to be a part of this happy couples big day, they are so great together! And I love that their big day is finally under way :) She has suggested that they are thinking of doing the wedding in a barn. I almost started hyperventilating I was so excited, I obviously told her I would help out as much as she would like...a barn wedding? How perfect! So lets start with a barn.

  1. A Barn Wedding is becoming a more and more popular choice. It really is a wonderful idea, if you have the resources. Think of a barn as a blank canvas, its literally the bare bones of a building that you can decorate however you please! Oh gosh! Its so rustic and romantic...Plus barns are usually super inexpensive, if you're thinking of a barn you probably have one in mind or know of someone that owns one. Yes, you would have to fill the barn with everything from furniture to catering, but this can often by less expensive because its not a one stop shop. Things too keep in mind, sometimes you're just paying for convince...is it worth it?
  2. Museums, here is another neat alternative. Many people think of museums as cultural sanitaries, some people think they're just plain boring! But, there is something to be said to getting married in a place with that much history! Again, with Museums, you will probably have to bring in your own things as many of them aren't set up for events.
  3. Art Galleries, do you ever go into a gallery and think "this is a lot of wasted space"? I know I sure do. I just feel like its stuff on the walls and then nothingness, I get it, there needs to be space to roam etc. But that much space?!? Many Art Galleries are a bit more prepared for events, such as the AGO in Toronto. They have a separate event space from the gallery it self. Again, kind of a cool idea to get married somewhere that's already decorated!
  4. Bed & Breakfasts, I am currently picturing a quaint little Bed & Breakfast in the Irish Countryside....oh lordy! Seriously, if I could afford to fly all of my guests there, this would be my dream wedding destination. However, unless I win the lottery, those kind of shenanigans just aren't in the cards for me! With that in mind, we have the resources here to still have a gorgeous B&B wedding. Niagara on the Lake anyone? They have a plethora of B&B's in the Niagara region, some more expensive then others of course, but what a picturesque location!
  5. B&B In Georgia!
  6. Some one's Backyard...alright, this one gets a bit tricky. You can't just go and use some one's backyard, honestly it should be allowed, but its just not. If you're lucky enough to know someone that has a big enough backyard to tent and celebrate in (Tent is KEY, back up plans people, the weather is not always our friend) then you're laughing. But that might not be an option. If this is the case I revert to the barn scenario!
  7. Restaurants, depending on the size of your wedding, you might be able to pull this off at your favorite restaurant! Some restaurants will close down for events such as a wedding, especially if they're going to be making a pretty penny, think bar sales alone! Be careful when thinking of a restaurant, ensure that there are no policies about music and noise, you want to be able to party until the sun comes up!
  8. Ski Chalets, if you've been following this blog for a while, you know that I've already conquered the Ski Chalet wedding (Thank you Jodi and Shane!) What a neat idea, imagine getting married on a ski hill, the view is breath taking! All chalets are different, my favorite are the ones that look like a giant cottage, exposed beams, big fireplaces! Gorgeous!
  9. Which brings me to my next venue...the cottage! If you have a big enough cottage, with a big enough property, I say- Why not?! Who doesn't LOVE going to the cottage?? Sure there are some structural things you should keep in mind, like where people can stay, maybe you have some family friends in the area with cottages that aren't in use and can be rented or borrowed! Maybe there's an inn! Where there is a will, there's a way! And getting married by the lake is my idea of a good time!
  10. Wineries, again, thanks to the fact that people in the GTA live close to the Niagara region, this gives us access to Wineries. This might not be the most cost friendly option on the list, but still different and beautiful! As you've heard me say before, make the wedding you! Stray away from the typical Golf Course and Banquet Hall (not that they can't be beautiful as well! Just so costly!)
    Holy Canoli! Gorgeous Winery wedding!
  12. Gardens & Parks, I know you've seen them everywhere! They're peaceful, beautiful and serene. So why not get hitched in one?? People just don't think some things are possible, I say lets start having more of a why not attitude! Call the town, see if they will give you a permit, some parks will allow the ceremony, some might allow the whole thing! Who knows, there are going to be rules and restrictions of course, but they might be ones you can totally live with!
A lot of the venues I've suggested are just venues, many of them are not in the market to be an events venue, therefore you have to rent everything and bring it in. I love this even more, this means you literally have control of picking every aspect of you wedding! From chairs to cutlery, its all in your (or your wedding planners) capable hands! So think outside the box, be creative and enjoy the process! Happy Tuesday!

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