Jodi & Shane- September 11, 2010

There is only one word to describe Jodi & Shane, unique. I mean this in the absolute best way possible, they were the most laid back, care free, wonderful people that I have had the pleasure of working for so far. I went into our first meeting very nervous, I'm no seasoned veteran quite yet! But the minute I walked in, I felt like I was meeting with old friends, man were they nice! We immediately got to chatting about their relationship, this is something that I feel I need to be well versed it. If I am going to make a wedding individual to the couple I am planning it for, then I want to know as much about them together and apart, as possible. I quickly found out that these 2 were not only so great for each other, but very much best buddies. They were high school sweethearts, both with a passion for athletics and having a good time! When it came time to graduate and move on to university, they decided to part ways for a bit and become their own people, more or less. But as every great love story goes, they found each other again and picked up where they left off. A couple of years later, on a snowy Christmas Eve, Shane proposed, in a very surprising way and Jodi said yes!

Now this is where I come into the picture, this is by far the busiest couple I know. Not only do they hold down full time jobs, but they also coach a barrage of athletic teams! These two know what they are passionate about, planning a wedding on top of all of this was not high on their priority list. I loved working with them to create the vision they provided me with. They wanted a big party more or less, with tons of good food and laughs. We rented out Skyloft Ski Resort and it was great! The inside of the resort looks like a giant summer cabin and the view is breathtaking. Jodi and Shane got married outside on a seasonably warm day at the beginning of September, I couldn't imagine anything more perfect for them. Guest snacked on platters of homemade hor d'ouvres during cocktail hour and then headed inside for the fun to begin. The colour scheme for this wedding was purple and silver, while trying to stick closely to a budget Jodi & Shane set out with I made a lot of the things myself. I worked diligently to create a cool centrepiece (directions-Wine Bottle Centrepiece post) and was quite proud of the outcome. I rented the lines from "Talk of the Table" and would highly recommend them as they have a wide selection of colours and fabrics. I rented the dishes and cutlery from Exclusive Affairs and had a small issue that was quickly resolved, thanks to my trusty sidekick T. The order was picked up the previous day by an outside source and was missing all of the cutlery, with only mere hours before the wedding was to start and being out in a remote location we had to work quickly to get the cutlery to us, polished and set on the tables! It was stressful to say the least, but all is well that ends well! After a very cute first dance from the bride and groom the guests enjoyed a buffet dinner, complete with turkey, potatoes and Cesar salad, all the couples favorite foods! After a couple of wonderful speeches, the dancing began and out went the cake, candy bar and pizza delivery from a small independently owned pizza place in Stouffville that the couple favors.

All in all it was a wonderful wedding, one filled with so much love from both the couple and their families. I came out of this wedding with not only some great memories and experience under my belt, but also with some wonderful friends.

Thank you, to Jodi & Shane for letting me share in your special day with you!

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