Wine Bottle Centrepieces

When deciding what to do for the centrepieces at Jodi & Shane's wedding, it became very clear to me that 1) they did not want to spend a ton of money on flowers and 2) they wanted something different.

I of course, turned to Martha, to get some sort of inspiration and found the above picture, which sparked an idea. I still wanted to incorporate flowers into the mix somehow, because I think they look fabulous, if done properly. So we collected bottles for months and months until we finally had enough to put 3 on each table. I then soaked all of the bottles in warm soapy water, and scrubbed off the labels. Now some of the labels we're being finicky and the glue was a bit of a nightmare, but I grabbed some Goo Gone and went to town and they turned out beautifully! I owe a lot of this hard work to my little sister and best assistant, O.

Once all of that was finished I went to my local florist and bought 3 different types of purple wild flowers. Butterfly Bush and Iris's. On the day of the wedding, I filled up the wine bottles about a third of the way, cut the flowers, placed a couple of stems in each bottle and tied the bottles of with some raffia. I then stuck the table number in one of the bottles and placed some tea lights around them. They turned out so well!
Voila! The finished product!

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