The Martha In Me

So I'm sure you're all wondering who I am and what it is I do. If you've found this blog then you've probably figured out I am an event planner, more specifically, a wedding planner. I LOVE weddings, I love everything about them, from the beautiful clothes, right down to the tacky, over done play lists. Attention to detail is one of those phrases that describes me pretty well, so I think I've found my calling. Many people wonder why it is that I love weddings and more importantly, how on earth I deal with "bridezilla's". Well what's not to love? Two people, who are madly in love, that want to spend their lives together and want to celebrate in front of all of the most important people in their lives! Sure there's tons of planning and organization, Excel Spreadsheets become your best friend and the occasional breakdown, but when you get to witness the groom see his beautiful bride in her dress for the first time, its worth every second of it.

My job is one of the most rewarding ones out there. They say that your wedding is supposed to be the most magical, happiest day of your life. While I think there is truth to this, I think what comes next is much more exciting. You've decided to commit yourself to someone else, to love them no matter what life throws your way, they're your family now and you've handpicked them yourself. Its a crazy concept, but one I whole heartedly love. Most girls spend a lot of time imagining what their wedding will be like, if you were anything like me, you were cutting out pictures of Lady Diana's obnoxiously large dress, long before Kate Middleton and her tasteful sense of style came on the scene. This is why I know how sensitive and important this can be to most people. So this is how I deal with the dreaded "Bridezilla", keeping the above in mind I know that people are spending a lot of money on this once in a lifetime day. Emotions are going to fly high, people can sometimes get a little bit ridiculous and crazy, but its my job to remember to put those emotions aside and enjoy everything this wedding has to offer. Forget about petty family arguments and don't sweat the small stuff, its never worth it and when the wedding is over, everything is said and done, if you don't relax and push aside those angry emotions you will regret not enjoying the process. Besides, as I said earlier, the wedding is only the beginning, its what comes after that is the real fun. My goal is to make a wedding a direct reflection of the couple, I like to infuse it with original ideas and genuinely attempt to make it an unforgettable evening for all the right reasons.

Where is it that I get my inspiration? From the one and only Martha Stewart, of course! This chick is no "one trick pony", I don't know how she does it, but she nails it every time. I could read her magazines and books for hours on end! She always has cutting edge ideas, but they seem to hold a classic sense to them, they always feel homey and well put together. I'm a do it yourself kind of girl, I think it adds that little something extra to a wedding, my own personal touch. It wouldn't be fair to leave my mom out of this section, when it comes to inspiration, she is it. She has always pushed me to pursue what I love. And in deciding to become an event planner, she has been behind me every step of the way. She is definitely where I get my creative mind from (sorry Dad). She is also my biggest accomplice in designing a wedding, she is my soundboard and in most cases the one who keeps me sane. In this blog I will write about every wedding I do, I will show you my inspiration boards and give you a step by step guide into some of my DIY projects. Also, I wouldn't be a Martha if I didn't add in some fun recipes and design posts!

I hope this blog inspires brides and bachelorettes alike, you're wedding can genuinely be whatever YOU want it too be, never forget, this is your wedding!

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