Dear ETSY, I love you!

First of all, thanks for the shout out yesterday, on the Mike Stafford Show, AM 640! This just goes to show that people are interested in changing things up! Doing a wedding on a tight budget! And figuring out new ways to do that is what I'm passionate about, so lets get down to it!

If you've never checked our the Etsy site, run! Don't walk! Take it from me, the budget wedding gal, this is going to save you money AND make your wedding, you! Those are my 2 mantra's so I am like a little spokesperson for this wicked, cool site! Not only do they have a wide arrangement of things, from dresses to decorations and everything in between! But, most of it is homemade. I LOVE homemade crafts, they have such a cool vibe too them. So much better then things you get in box stores that everyone and their brother also has!

Some of my favorite Etsy things include (but are certainly not limited to):

  • Invitations!
  • Napkins ("Eat, Drink & Be Married"?!?!? How adorable, I feel like I've died and gone to my own personal version of heaven, where everything is monogrammed and sparkly)
  • Decorations, now this ones a toss up! Yes their are some awesome decorations, they can fare on the expensive side for what they are sometimes. So, if you're feeling daring (and you totally should be, since you're 100% capable!) then try your hand at making some of this stuff yourself. 
  • All things vintage! (whether its rings, clothing or table runners, Etsy will have what your little heart desires!)
Bridal Tiara

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