Weddi-quette Wednesday!

It's that time of week again. I know you've all been waiting eagerly for what exciting etiquette I've chosen to discuss today! Lets talk Engagement Rings. This can be a super awkward, sticky subject for some couples. I get it, there's all these "rules" out there on how much your significant other should be spending on a ring. I, personally, think this is a tad bit ridiculous. Who can just save up 3 month's salary for a ring?? That's the unspoken rule, 2-3 month's salary is what you should be spending on a ring.

Here is my take on this...etiquette doesn't dictate what should be spent. The only etiquette you'll get about engagement rings is what finger it should be worn on (4th finger, left hand), who purchases the ring and asks the big question (usually the groom) and what to do with it on your wedding day (place it on your right hand, 4th finger, until after the ceremony).

The ring is significant of a promise made, a promise that you want to spend the rest of your life with this person. So, with that being said, should it really matter how much they spend on it?? Not in my mind. If you're on the verge of getting engaged or at least thinking that in the long run then you should probably know the person well enough to know what they'd like. There are tons of different options when it comes to where you're getting your ring. Again, I cannot stress this enough, price doesn't matter, when it comes to the grand scheme of things, spend what you can. Make a price range and start looking for what you think they'd like, ask friends and family members if you want that extra approval. If you and your signifigant other can afford a huge rock, then all the power to you!!

This etiquette issue is just too remind people that the engagment ring is the first expense of many more coming your way! Try to think bigger picture when it comes to all of this amazingly fun stuff! Some of these rings could be a down payment on a house!! Insanity.

Again this is all opinion based and I know that part of the excitement of getting engaged is showing off that sparkler! Here are some cheaper options that will still WOW everyone!
Tiffany Bezet Round $1,550.00

Birks $3000.00

Ben Moss $999.00
 Aren't those great! I'm more of a circular cut gal myself, so I seriously dig the first 2, but there's lots out there if you're willing to look around! Check out Wedding Bells for more fantastic ring ideas!

Don't forget to head back to the wedding girl tomorrow for my special, super exciting announcement!!!

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