Top 10 Tuesday!

After spending a good hour with my Knot Wedding magazine I noticed a) how heavy the thing is, reading that monster is like doing a workout! And b) how many neat things you can do with your hair these days. Gone are the days of the plain old up do. No, now you can have braids, curls and feathers! Oh my! So here are the wedding girl's Top 10 Favorite Hairstyles for the big day!
  1. The braid- this sweet, soft hair style could go a bunch of different ways. You could have one tiny holding back the bangs, a long braid down the back, a side braid, a braid going into an up do or just a regular French braid. Believe me, I could go on.
  2.  Low Chignon- this is one of my personal favorites. You really can't go wrong with this classic, romantic style.

3. The Top Knot- This hairstyle seems a little tough to pull off, unless you have a TON of hair. There are some different variation of it that you could chose, its supposed to replicate a ballerina's bun, tight and neat. With the right dress this could look fantastic!

4. The "Poof"- This is the hairstyle that made Snooki from the Jersey Shore famous, although her's is pretty out of control. This hairstyle looks great and effortless, plus you won't be playing how many bobby pins are in my hair? at the end of the night.

5. The "Messy Bun"- This is another one of my favorites, while it looks easy and effortless its just ridiculous to attempt to re-create! 
6. The Sassy Pony- There is probably nothing I love more then a great pony tail. My hair is so thick the end result is never, ever what I imagine it too be in my head. There's hair everywhere, it never stays put because its so heavy and I end up with a headache :( so for those of you that can pull of a sweet sassy pony, here's some inspiration!

7. Straight & Simple- Sometimes, depending on the dress and the feel of your wedding, just a simple blow out will do the trick. This could be advantageous because there's less of a chance of it getting messed up, falling out, not being able to resist the weather and all of the other fears women have when getting their hair done. Plus, it'll last more then just the one day, I do love waking up with my hair already lookin' good!

8. Side swept Perfection- To me, this is one of the hottest trends I've seen this year on brides. It certainly has a romantic vibe to it. Again, be careful with this one in terms of the dress, you don't want to overshadow the beauty of the dress with the intricacy of the hair!
9. Beachy Waves- I think beachy waves are the perfect hair for a destination wedding. Seems obvious, I know, but I'm just so into this look! Also, I know it might be sacrilege to use this photo, if you're a Jennifer super fan, like myself, but hot damn she looked good!
10. Hairpieces- There is a WIDE variety of hairpieces too chose from. Anything from flowers to jewels and feathers! But this biggest trend of the past few seasons is netting, its almost like a birdcage but less in your face. This picture makes it look stunning!
I hope this post helped out your hair dilemma's, ensuring that you look your absolute best on your big day can bring a lot of stress to a bride! But I guarantee that you WILL look amazing! Just radiating all of that happiness and love!

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