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Do you feel that little bit of coolness in the air? Evenings are coming on a bit sooner, leaves are beginning to change. Slowly, but surely Fall is on the way! Fall is my favorite season, I love the weather, I love the colours and I LOVE boots. Lets face it, I'm a November baby, so I was destined to be a Fall girl. I know, I rave about every season for different wedding reasons. I love the freshness of a Spring wedding, the romance of Winter and the beauty of an outdoor Summer ceremony! They're all great, seriously, but Fall just has a special place in my heart.

I have the honor of being involved in 2 Fall weddings this year. Both in October, both are going to be stunning. I think of an October wedding and my mind starts to drift towards Halloween. I know what you're thinking "how tacky!". Yes, a dress up wedding, with a black and orange theme sounds downright nasty. But you could do a lot of really gorgeous things with a Halloween weddings as well. A few years back I helped out Kristy and Eric on their Halloween wedding. To this day it has been one of my favorites. Their colours were a deep turquoise and chocolate brown, with tons of candlelight and a big, beautiful candy bar! It was fantastic, so cozy and romantic, just the ticket on a chilly (scary oohhhh *ghost noises*) fall evening. Were the ghost noises too much? I'm trying to set a mood here. Alright, moving on...

The point of this post is to discuss one of my favorite inspirations (and things, unfortunately for my waistline) CANDY. One of the best parts of Halloween is the candy, mini-chocolate bars? I mean really, how cute! With Fall weddings on the mind it got me to thinking, why not use candy as a big part of your inspiration board? Its delicious, it comes in a wide array of colours, there is so much you can do with it and let's face it...who doesn't love candy every once in a while. So I turned to my Guru, Martha and came up with some pretty neat photo's to share with you guys from her site! Also, the woman (who probably makes her own candy...) has a candy glossary, only Martha has the time on top of everything else she fits in, to make a freakin' candy glossary. What I would give to spend a weekend with her.

Alright, how cute was all of that?! So fun and colourful? And how excited would you be if you walked into a wedding and saw all of that?! I think it would bring out the kid in a lot of people and what a wonderful feeling that is.

In keeping with this topic, some of you may know who Dylan Lauren is, for those of you that don't she is Ralph Lauren's daughter. Just imagine, for a second, all of the amazing clothes you would posses if that guy was your Dad? Well she didn't quite follow in his fashionable footsteps, she dresses beautifully, but instead of clothes, candy was her calling. She opened Dylan's Candy Bar and it is now one of the most popular New York Tourist destinations! Don't worry fellow Canadians, she just launched the first Canadian store in Holt Renfrew. If you hadn't already guessed this is a high end shop! Dylan just got married this year and had a, you guessed it, candy themed shower. It was gorgeous and the details we're impeccable! Check out some highlights below.
A bouquet made of sugar flowers...could anything be more amazing? Imagine snacking on this little guy on the way up the aisle, oh what a hoot that would be!

This was the candy bar at the shower, I know where I would have being hanging out!

These were the invitations....genius

Pretty self explanatory, candy rings...are they better then the real thing?!

Hope that satisfied your tastebud on this cloudy Monday! Stay tuned this week for a special wedding girl announcement!

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