Life with a newborn.

What day is it? What time is it? When was the last time I ate? How much caffine is too much? What's that smell? What am I wearing? No, seriously, what's that smell? Did I remember to brush my hair? Makeup? What's that? Those are really just a few of the questions I ponder on a daily basis. My little peanut is a round the clock job, which I'm sure is news to no one. Honestly though, being a new parent is really just one of those things you have to live through to truly grasp. Its no secret I've been heavily neglecting my blog, I haven't even be keeping up on reading my favorite blogs or reading in general! Life has changed significantly and while I find myself wondering how the days seem to pass so quickly, sometimes so quick I don't even have time to get out of my jammies! They are so, so sweet.

Some days I genuinely wonder what I accomplished other then keeping my little nugget happy. Cleaning the bathroom, making dinner, grocery shopping, laundry...these all seem like pretty easy tasks on there own. They were all tasks I thought I would have ample time to handle as a stay at home mom. Hello! Newsflash - sometimes I should just be happy to make it to the bathroom without peeing my pants. 

I like to think I have things all under control some days, I trick myself into believing we've got a bit of a schedule thing going...I'm sure if Jack could laugh in my face he would. We all know whose calling the shots here. 

When I was pregnant, I was so nieve, seriously, so dumb. I honestly thought I would have time to shower, get dressed AND do my hair if I wanted too. Whatever man, I was at home, with a baby, pretty much the best thing ever, that was not going to be tough. AHAHAHA bless you pregnant Jessica, bless you. You sweet, stupid girl. This will be way harder then you thought, definitely harder then going to work every day, your commute may be shorter but the job is so much harder, however its also way more rewarding.

So here is a little message to all of those brand new mom's, ladies thinking about having babies, Mom's who've done this before but are doing it all over again and conveniently forget the craziness. THIS IS INSANE. No joke, you don't sleep, you have to eat whatever you can whenever you can, drink crazy amounts of water, embrace that faint puke smell that follows you around and be OK with the fact that, lets face it, you've looked better. But you're a Mom, which is so incredibly amazing. Seriously...it is worth all of that shit. I mean reading that last paragraph sounds insane, it does, who would you do that for?! Not an employer, that's for sure, but I can guarantee you, you'd do it for your kids. I would literally do anything for this little guy.

So pat yourselves on the back ladies, you're doing the hardest job out there and you're kicking ass. Even if it feels like you aren't, even if you don't get a raise or get to go out for fancy lunches. You get smiles and drooled on! Even if you don't get to dress up or drink your morning coffee in peace. You get to wear matching outfits with your new bestie and snuggle why drinking a cold tea you made 3 hours ago. Seriously, wouldn't trade it for the world. I will try to be better with this whole blog thing, I promise - Jack and I are on a schedule now, ya know. 

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