Falling In Love

OK, I so don't want to be that Mom, but I can't help it, I am completely head over heels in love with my baby! People swear up and down you can never know true love until you have a child of your own, they tell you before you're pregnant, but they really sell that too you while you're pregnant, probably to lessen the sting of what you experience to bring that little miracle into the world. The thing is, not only could I stare at my son for hours in complete amazement, but watching your husband love something as firecely as you do makes your heart do complete flip flops.

Every day I see a new side to Jack's personality, its incredible watching this tiny human that just slept and ate for so long, start to develop into a little boy. Here is what I know so far; Jack LOVES the morning, he really loves 5am, you know, that hour where you think you could feed him and then catch a little bit more sleep. No, no, not in Jack's world, that's when he wants to play! And I would literally stand on my head to see him smile, so if that's when he's into doing it, then forget sleep, we're heading to the playmat.
Morning tummy time!
Jack is seriously into baths. Just like his Mommy! But don't even think about a warmish bath, no no, this kid likes it hot (not dangerous ok, sheesh!) Seriously, if the water is even slightly tepid he arches his back, as if to say "remove me from here immediately woman and try again!". He also hates being taken out of the bath...screams bloody murder. I mean hey, I also hate that moment before you get the towel on! Its icy! But chill, I'm going as fast as I can. I wish someone would swaddle me, squeeze me and dry my hair, with the accompaniment of a nice head massage. He has been a bath dude since his very first bath, which is also probably my favorite hospital memory. It was the first time I really got to hold him without all of the wires. I don't think I've ever been so excited.
Jack's first bath!
Jack really loves anything that moves. The car, his stroller, a bouncey chair. The boy is not into sitting still for long periods of time. Its pretty incredible to just walk him around the house and watch him begin to discover things, like the lights, windows, TV or anything else that catches his eye.

Jack loves to sleep with his hands above his head or holding onto something - like my hair or his own hands. This kills me, seriously, I will lay still for hours if he wants to hold my hair or hand while he sleeps. Limbs lose feeling but good god, is there anything better?
Stop this adorableness right now!
My absolute favorite Jack trait are the little faces he makes. Its like you can read his mind, while I have seen a few smiles, most faces tend to say "Mommy, I'm not sure what you're doing or saying, but I sense that I will need therapy later on in life". Oh sweetheart, if you think I'm a big embarrassing weirdo now, just wait, I can't imagine you'll think I'm much cooler as a teenager.
A face that screams you can be embarrassed by your parents no matter what age.
Its funny the things you automatically do when you're a Mom. Showers are no longer relaxing experiences, but more of a race all while trying to remind your little one that he's not been left in the house alone. Doesn't popping your head out every 30 seconds and saying "Jack, Mommy's right here buddy! Look over here!Yooohoooo" sound tranquil? Other fun mom things I've discovered are catching vomit with your hands....with. your. hands. Why that is now a natural reaction is beyond me, but anyone that is willing to be spit up on, peed and pooped on and really not be phased, must be infatuated. Possibly my favorite momism is what comes out of my mouth. Have I developed a brand new language in the last 3 months? What on earth does toastie woastie mean?! While I can't quite translate, I do say it every time I bundle him up. How about when I call him beeboo...what the heck is that?! I have no reasoning people, it just comes out of my mouth.

The last three months have been so awesome and I know the discoveries have just begun. Before I know it he will be sitting up and rolling over! I'm secretly (not so secretly since I am currently announcing it to the world) dreading the day this boy starts moving on his own...I fear he will never stop!

All kidding aside, Jack, if you ever read this, my boy, you have provided me with the most amazing, joy filled three months. I can't wait to continue to watch you grow!

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  1. Awww love this. He's an early bird just like Ryan! And I can totally relate to the shower part (or basically any time Ruby is waiting for me on something. I am constantly calling out "Don't worry, mummy's coming! Be right therrrrrre!"


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