Exciting News! (and the reason for my long silence...)

Its official, I am a Mom! My little nugget, Jack, decided he couldn't wait another minute and came almost 2 months early! I am happy to report all is well and I am officially home from a long stay in the hospital.

I will share my full story over the course of a few posts, no time for novel writing these days. Man, does it ever feel good to write again though!

So, as you all know, little Jack, was due closer to the end of September. On the morning of July 29th, I felt a little off. I thought I had just pushed it to far at a wedding I did over the weekend and vowed to stay off my feet for a few days as much as possible. I continued to feel more uncomfortable throughout the day and finally called my midwife for some advice. She told me to pop by the hospital just to get checked out and make myself feel better...boy am I glad I took that advice. I headed to St. Michael's Hospital, in Toronto, met Mr. wedding girl there and proceeded to hang out for a while before getting put in a room. They hooked me up to a bunch of super exciting monitors, made me put on a backless dress (if you ever need to be brought down a few pegs, put on one of those bad boys and try to get up gracefully to use the washroom every five minutes...) and we waited. I was having, what I thought, were braxton hicks contractions, pretty normal for this time of my pregnancy. However they were coming about 10 minutes apart...which seemed odd. The nurse came in and told us she thought I was having real contractions. Pardon? What do you mean real? He's not due for 2 more months! This cannot be happening yet. I slowly calmed myself down, telling myself there is no way he is coming, this is a false alarm, they will give me something to stop labour, perhaps I'll need to be on bed rest. Finally we saw the doctor, who did an exam (not fun) and proceeded to tell me they needed to perform an emergency c-section that night...again, what??! Thank god for my husband, honestly, he was so great. He was all excitement, couldn't wait to meet our little boy. While everyone else was scared, nervous or trying to act normal, this guy couldn't wipe the smile off his face. That was my saving grace. If it wasn't for his attitude that night I would have lost it. I hate needles, exams, anything invasive, doctors procedures I don't understand and anything unplanned.

In saying that, I didn't have a birth plan in place. For once in my life, my plan was to have no plan, because I understood that you don't control your body when it comes to labour...however an emergency c-section 8 weeks out was not even on my radar. I stuck my arms out, took a bunch of shots, started an IV, listened to 10 doctors tell me everything that was about to happen and got wheeled into the operating room in a matter of minutes. It was overwhelming and scary to say the least. It was almost like having a complete out of body experience to be honest, nothing felt real, it all felt like a dream. And then, out of the noisiness of the operating room, over the doctors talking, the machines beeping and my heart practically beating out of my chest, I heard his first little cries. What a relief, there has been no better sound in this world. My little boy was out in the world and wailing away! They took him pretty quickly, before I could even see him and started working away on him.

To say it was the scariest, most surreal night of my life would be an understatement. I thank god every day that things went the way they did. Jack was born at 9:56pm, he weighed 5 lbs 4 oz. He had a full head of dark hair, just like his Mama and the most perfect face I have ever laid eyes on. I did get to see him for a moment later that evening before being wheeled out to recovery. It was a moment I will never forget.

We spent 25 long days in the hospital, which is a whole other post and are finally home and settled in. I knew being a Mom would be incredible. I had no idea just how incredible...the best part of my journey has officially begun! I hope you all stick around for the ride.

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  1. The photos are all lovely - but that third one really made me well up... the sweetest little smile I've ever seen. Congratulations Jessica and Ryan!!!!


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