Trendy Thursday!

OK, this is my first trendy baby post! I feel like I absolutely must share this incredible secret, that is perhaps not such a huge secret with everyone. Have you heard of My Baby List?! This is like the mother of all registries! Seriously, so cool. I insist you check it out, but let me explain what it is. Essentially it you create the registry like you would any other registry, however you options are limitless (it feels like!) as it pulls its product from all over the internet. This allows you to have a wide variety to chose from, which is amazing, especially if you live in Canada and only have one real registry option, until now! Each product links you up to a site, so you can order it or simply click "reserve" and go and purchase it wherever you'd like. GENIUS! Pure genius I tell ya!

If you're in the market for a baby registry, have a go at it, its so much fun!

In other trendy baby news, I've recently come across these Solly Baby Wraps a few times. How gorgeous are they?? I am dying for the mint one myself! I feel like I could really rock that and its still gender neutral for all of my other nuggets, this is only my first after all :) Plus, I think I could even get mr. wedding girl into popping that bad boy on! It is blue after all! The thing I really like most about this product is its partnership with "Every Mother Counts". Which is a company that supports women and children all over the world, every 2 minutes a mother dies from pregnancy complications and many of these are completely preventable. This partnership is going to allow for more research and assistance to be granted to these very deserving women. I, once again, marvel at my luck to be born, raised and live in such an amazing country where we don't experience heartbreak on that level. We are so lucky. So, do yourself another favor, if you're in the market for a wrap, check out Solly Baby. Prices are comparable to other brands, but your donation will go a long way :)

*this is not a sponsored post, all comments and opinions are 100% my own


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