Wedi-quette Wednesday

Happy Hump Day! We're motoring through this week or at least it feels like that when I realize it's Wednesday! Not so much when I am wondering if it would be easier to crawl or walk from the subway to my office. Anyways, I digress! Today, I thought I would share a fun little etiquette fact, one I've been asked recently! Do you send someone a wedding invite, even if you know they are not able to attend? The answer- Absolutely! You want people to know that they were definitely on that list, don't give them anything to ponder. At the end of the day you just know that its pretty likely not everyone will make it, but they should absolutely still be included in everything.

Sadly I will be missing my beautiful cousin's wedding this Fall in Missouri, I mean its because I'll be having a baby, that's an OK consolation prize, but I still hate missing family events. She was kind enough to send along an invite anyways and I truly appreciate still being involved.

So to make a long story short - send the invite!

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