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I am officially 30 weeks pregnant. Which, on the one hand sounds completely insane, how did it come so fast?! And on the other hand, I am ready for a wee break of carrying this little monkey around 24/7. On that note, I’ve decided one of my BIGGEST pregnancy pet-peeves has to be when people utter the words “just wait”. As in, you think you’re tired now? Just wait. You think you’re not sleeping at all now? Just wait. You think you worry about him now? Just wait. It takes every fibre of my being not to punch them in the throat…too aggressive? Number one, I am beyond aware that this little guy isn’t just going to pop into this world and be the picture of perfection, sleeping whenever his Mommy is tired and needs a rest herself (or maybe he will, he is my child after all and I’ve already given him a bit of a God complex) number two…have you recently carried an extra 30 plus pounds that appeared overnight and squish all of your vital organs on a daily basis? No? You’re a man and won’t ever get the opportunity to do that? OK then, perhaps keep your comments to yourself. At least when my buddy is here I can happily hand him over to my husband and roll around on the ground or lay directly on my stomach for gloriously periods of time. When my little buddy is here I can roll over in bed, get out of a chair, exit a vehicle and get in and out of the shower without disgusting amounts of sweating, grunting and muscle pulling. Best of all, when my buddy is here, I will be sunggling 24/7, people. all day snuggle sessions. Just staring at him in wonder and thanking God for this amazing gift.

In saying all of that, I really have loved being pregnant. What an amazing journey this has been. However, as with any wonderful thing, there are always some not so wonderful things. Because this is my blog and I can be as honest as I’d like, I wanted to share, in my final hot-ass weeks of pregnancy (note to self, the summer is a hard time to take on the mighty third trimester) a few honest things, things that people don’t want to tell you. I know I’ve already done a post similar and it was super well received. So here we go.

1. Pregnant women are way more susceptible to heat. We’re literally a human oven. So the summer humidity…not great. I spend a lot of time sitting directly in front of a fan, in an ice cold shower or complaining, whilst laying on my couch like a beached whale. Mr. wedding girl spends a lot of his time choking water down my throat for fear of dehydration (yesterday I had not one but two giant water bottles directly beside me, expected to chug), buying me popsicles and moving the fan wherever I go. High five Mr. wedding girl

2. Pregnancy hormones are no joke. Sometimes I like to go into the bathroom and have a good cry...for what reason? Who knows...its a real mystery.

3. Your baby can literally kick your ass…feels super weird and scared the heck out of me.

4. As you get bigger you genuinely wonder how he only weighs 3 pounds, but feels like he weighs 50 and why he likes to snuggle your spine so aggressively, Mommy needs to be able to move bud. 

5. How do pregnant women commute?! I feel like I am taking on Everest everyday...not exaggerating at all, if you've got commuting secrets, I need to know them.

6. Lack of breathing...oh to be able to take deep breaths again.

7. What fits anymore?! A sheet? My husbands jammies? Are any of these things work appropriate??

8. How can I be craving something so aggressively, but not know what that something is? Again...mysteries.

9. What does he look like? Is that his head or his bum that he is jabbing out of my side? Foot or hand? And other fun questions, that always seem to follow.

10. Pregnancy dreams...enough said.

Because I am such a positive Patti, I'd like to end things on a less negative, beached whale note. It hits me harder and harder everyday that in 10 weeks (ish) I am going to have a son. A son! ME! A real little buddy that is going to depend on me for just about everything. I can't wait to meet my little guy, my new best friend, my little cuddle buddy. Woo hoo! Happy 3rd Trimester to me! And to those ladies that have been pregnant or are pregnant, good for you! Seriously, I commend you! You don't get enough credit, go have a lukewarm bath, roll yourself out of the tub, put on a mumu, gather a weird assortment of food and have a nap, you deserve it.

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