Wedi-quette Wednesday

Well its official! Summer has arrived! And she's brought humidity along with her! I've learned the hard way that being pregnant means being extra hot...ALL. THE. TIME. So this weather has just not been my friend! I thought, to torture myself more, I would share some of my favorite wedding or shower appropriate dresses, t'is the season! Hopefully everything is equally as cute next summer, because I am sure that I will have the time and energy to wear a ton of cute dresses, whilst chasing after my sure to be active little nugget!

As you can see, I am a fan of bright and flowy for the most part! Even the gorgeous grey dress is paired with a fabulous bright orange heel! And tight in the summer? No thanks! I want to feel super comfy, while feeling put together and pretty! How about you?? What are your summer faves?

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