Wedi-quette Wednesday!

Now that I am officially almost at the seven month mark (how!??) in my pregnancy, I feel like a bit more of a pro when it comes to all things pregnancy. The birth and what comes after? That goodness will have to come to me the same way this pregnancy did, a bit of a happy surprise that hurtles you into an arena somewhat akin to the Hunger Games. You have an idea about whats going to happen, people have told you stories, but until you battle the intense exhaustion, million daily pee breaks, lack of sleep, hormones and so many body changes, I feel like I don't even have time to list them all, you have no real clue. And people, some of them are downright weird...the things we do for kids, I tell ya!

I have really loved being pregnant. Its been quite a journey that's for sure. There are some not so fun moments where you wonder just what you've gotten yourself into, feeling completely out of control when it comes to your own body is a tough pill to swallow, the backaches, leg cramps (that will have you literally waking from a dead sleep in a sweaty panic wondering if you're paralyzed and may involve some punching of your also sleeping, certainly wide awake now husband, like I said, I've kept things interesting). But the good certainly outweighs the bad and I haven't even gotten to the best part. Feeling him move and grow and kick and hiccup, talking to him daily, buying him the sweetest little things that I can't bare to live without, knowing that in 3 short months I am going to have a little boy that will completely steal my heart, have me wrapped around his hopefully chubby hand and be my little sidekick is worth every uncomfortable awkward moment I've had thus far. 

Thinking about all of the things I am going to teach him, the childhood I want him to experience, the man I hope he becomes, all of these things bring me so much overwhelming joy, I just know I am absolutely ready for this amazing journey. Is it going to be hard, scary, trying and overwhelming some days? You know it! Will I wonder what the hell I've created some days, I'm sure I will, but this is what life is all about! I know there are so many amazing things that happen in this life, so many great opportunities and YOLO moments, but this stuff, creating a family, this is the good stuff. 

I cannot wait to kiss his little face and force cuddle him on the daily! I'm quite positive his future wife will one day thank me for the snuggly man I've created. (If he ever reads this, I am sure he will be MORTIFIED). Thanks for coming along on this carb filled journey of stretchy pants and wonderfulness!

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