Its a....

Well folks, I officially know what the newest addition to our little family in September will be!

We are going to have a sweet little boy! And we're over the moon! I always, truly thought I would have a little lady first, I'm quite the girly girl, if you haven't noticed, but am SO excited that I'm going to have a little buddy with me all the time!

We opted to do a cake reveal on Mother's Day with our families, which was such a special way to find out! We asked everyone to wear the colour they were guessing, as you can see, most guessed correctly! I feel so overwhelmed these days with love for my little guy. I am so happy we ended up finding out, believe me when I say it was so special and shocking, now I have 4 months to picture life with a little man and I couldn't be happier!

I hope everyone had a special Mother's Day!

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