Weddi-quette Wednesday

I know I've shared some tips before about proper table setting, but I really don't think its something you can overshare! Its a handy tool for any sized event, espeically if you want to look like you know your stuff! Its also good to know for when you attend events, that what you know which tool is for what course ect. I will never forget when Jack Dawson is aboard the Titantic and inquires which fork he should be using, Molly Brown instructs him to work from the outside in, its truly the easiest thing to remember.

I found this handy dandy photo on Pinterest, where else?? Honestly, how did I spend my free time before pinterest, I would love to know! Its just so inspiring! Anyways, back to the point of this post:

Obviously you don't have to use every single item they have, that's a lot of stuff at one place setting! It creates a great guideline though. After working for years in the events world, I am some what of a stickler for a properly set and polished table. Its fairly simple to do and its really the little things that capture people's attention! So, I hope this assists y'all in your next celebration! Nothing like a beautifully set table :)

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