Top 10 Tuesday!

Another week in March is upon us, I can feel spring in the air more and more every day. Maybe that just because I can actually breath outside without my lungs shutting down! We also got to spring our clocks ahead (which truly feels like the worst thing ever for the first few days!) but I do appreciate it being light for longer in the evenings. This week’s Top 10, since I am swearing spring is almost upon us, I thought I would share one of my favorite spring/summer wedding theme’s. The nautical look, so hot right now!

I mean, to be honest, the possibilities are endless. To me, this a very classy J. Crew wedding idea. If you and your groom are preppy, love a good cardigan and have a thing for the sea, this is your theme people! As always, thank you to pinterest for making me wish I had another wedding to plan, this time, nautical haha.

In other news...did anyone else see the horror that was The Bachelor last night...my lord. It was embarrassing for most of the people involved, but I mean Juan Pablo is such a loser. I mean I could go off on a serious tangent here, but I think if we learned anything, always trust your gut people. ALWAYS. If it smells like a complete jack ass, it probably is. And I'm really not siding with the girls here either, because come on, you can both do better then that! On to the next season, hopefully it will be a little less slimy!

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