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This week I thought it would be fun to chat about pet involvement, when it comes to weddings. I mean, I know some people think this is super weird, I was probably in that category before I got my first dog, also known as the apple of my eye. I mean....

Is there anything cuter?!? I die, he has me wrapped around his tiny, perfect paw. So anyways, as I was saying before you all found out that I am a seriously crazy dog lady, there are some super cute options for little pet accessiories if they're going to be any part of your big day. Jack is a pretty nutty little guy, very strange when he is not in his own environment, so he was just a part of the photo portion of our wedding. He was sporting a sassy shirt collar and bowtie. Of course that photo is only saved on my facebook, which I do not currently have access too, thank you lent. So you will all just have to imagine how adorable it was.

Etsy literally has anything you could want, ever, but definately has a wide selection of pet friendly items! Here are some fun ideas I have seen including pets in the big day!

Obviously you have to be mindful and if your dog is going to scare the pants off of everyone, then maybe take some photo's at home first and leave them there for the big day. Since they are such a huge part of your life, I think its absolute perfection to include them in this celebration!

Make sure to head back next week for some HUGE WEDDING GIRL NEWS!

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