If the title is any indication, I'm sure you've discovered I've got some fun news to share! This wedding girl is going to have a wedding mini this coming September! That's right ladies and gentleman, I am pregnant and over the moon! Being a Mom is something I have always wanted and now, can hardly believe it is truly happening.

I really hope my readers will follow along in this new journey of mine, the blog will change a bit, as I would like to start a weekly post entitled "What no one tells you..." and its just an honest account of what its like being pregnant for the first time. I thought I was reasonably prepared...I was not, so I want to share everything I've learned thus far and what I am sure I will continue learning!

Then, I want to be able to blog about all of the kid centred celebrations I'm sure I will plan with as much enthusiasm as a wedding! I don't want this to completely become a mommy blog, but I won't lie, a good chunk of it will centre around that. As I grow and change, I want my blog to be able to do so right along side me! So I genuinely hope my faithful readers will jump on board for this wild ride and I hope that I start to see some new faces as well!
Here is a photo of my little peanut! Taken almost a month ago (my lord!) he or she is just waving their little hand (that is NOT the nose, I clarified) saying "Hi Mom & Dad!"

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