Weddi-quette Wednesday

15 more days until Spring! I desperately hopes that means a change in this weather, because seriously, is there anything more depressing?? I feel like everyone is in such a funk these days, the sun barely comes out, its freezing cold with no real end in sight and I think everyone is tired of being dressed like a marshmallow, I know I am!

However, it is hump day, so we’re getting to the weekend people! This week’s wedi-quette is all about social media! I love social media and think a lot of great things can come of it. I also think it’s a huge time waster, can be seriously negative and sometimes annoying. So why do so many people use it?! I think about when I go away on vacation and completely check out. What a relief that is! Seriously, I feel so involved it what’s actually happening around me.

The other issue with social media, when it comes to weddings specifically, is people posting photo’s before they should. I l know a lot of brides and grooms that are requesting no photo’s be posted and asking folks to turn off their phones! It is distracting at a wedding when a million people are holding their phones up trying to catch a shot. Also, the last wedding I was at I saw people checking emails, instagram, facebook, HELLO! We’re at a wedding! Be in the moment people! I have also discussed the issue around comparing your life, wedding, house, family etc to others, which is very easy when you have a front row seat into their lives. People rarely post bad things, but that’s hard to remember. And anyone posting beach photo’s right now, please stop, this winter is hard enough as is! Am I right? I’m talking to you Mom!

I also know there are a million great things about social media, again, especially when it comes to weddings! It’s fun looking at the photos people post, realistically you can’t be everywhere at your wedding, so it’s great to see what others manage to capture! It’s kind of a double edged sword.

I think more than anything I intended for this post to be a reminder to look up from your phone every once in a while, there are some pretty cool things happening in real life around you! And to always be courteous if the bride and groom do request no phones. Pull out that digital camera and snap some shots old school, uploading’s not that terrible!

Thanks to this post, I’ve decided to give up Facebook for lent! As daunting as my lack of taking a 5 minute Facebook break every now and then will be, I think it’s going to be freeing! I’ll let you know how that goes!

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