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This week I am doing another link up with The Life of Bon, she is discussing 1 Year, 5 Years and 10 Years out of high school. I loved reading Bon’s take on this topic. This year marks 9 years since I graduated from high school, which makes me feel ancient (don’t worry, I know I’m not that old). I think I just can’t believe that it was 9 years ago, that seems like a lifetime. Then I think about everything that has happened, the lessons I’ve learned, people I’ve met and it seems like it flew by! While I’ve always been relatively the same person, especially in terms of what was important to me and my outlook on life, I know I’ve grown and changed a lot in other ways in the past 9 years.

1 Year:

Well, 1 year out of high school I thought I would be happily enjoying university life, making new friends and figuring out my career path. Definitely made it to university, wouldn’t say I enjoyed it. The experience ended up being a lot more difficult for me then I’d expected. I struggled quite a bit and I still look back on that time as one of the most trying in my life. I think its fair to say I was suffering from some pretty serious anxiety issues, ones that I sometimes still deal with today, but have certainly come leaps and bounds from my university days. As for my career path, at this time I was still pretty certain I wanted to be a kindergarten teacher, a dream I’m not totally over yet. Obviously, leaving university behind after 2 years didn’t quite assist me in conquering this dream, but hey, life’s not over yet! The 2 years I spent at university taught me a lot, mostly about myself and I’m truly grateful for that experience.

5 Years:

So at 5 years I thought I would be well on my way into my career, definitely in a serious relationship, thinking about marriage and kids. I wasn’t too far off, it just wasn’t exactly the career I’d imagined! My summers at the golf course, pushed me to pursue a college degree in events, which I really excelled in and enjoyed! That experience propelled me to where I am career wise today. At 5 years out I was engaged to one of the best things that has ever happened to me, really enjoying where my career was taking me and planning a wedding! I’d come a looooong way in 5 years, I was still the same core person, but I’d learned so much and had some experiences that had really shaped what I wanted out of life. I knew a family would be it for me. My family will always be my main focus, always. I am so happy I ended up finding someone that supports and agrees with that. I actually couldn’t have dreamed I would have been engaged at this point, of course I wanted it, but I didn’t know mr. wedding girl. Perhaps I wouldn’t have met him if my original career path had worked out, so for that change up, I am grateful.

10 Years:

This one is a little bit harder, that is still a year away. Obviously I am married and own the cutest little home. I am so in love with the town we chose to stick our roots and am excited to start a family. My career is the only area I never seem to feel certain. Does anyone else feel this way from time to time? I love events, especially weddings and I am confident they will always be a part of my life, definitely through this blog. Sometimes I wonder what else is out there, who else could I be helping. I’ve ignited a few passions through this blog and discovered things I really love in the past few years. Things I always liked, but since I’ve owned my own house have developed a real love for! I’ve discovered talents in myself I didn’t even know existed. I want to foster those, I want to wake up each morning and make it count. I have no idea where this life will take me, but so far, every part of the journey, good and bad has been worth it to get me to this point. So bring it on year 10!

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