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Can you believe March is almost over?! March! I often find that March seems like a very long month, because you just want to be able to kick off the boots and heavy coats, throw on ballet flats and your cute spring jacket and dance in the streets...no?! Just me?? OK then, anyways, since I've been pregnant, I've been counting down the weeks, looking forward to each milestone. I feel like the time is passing so much quicker because of that! Any other Mama's out there find that happened?? Today I thought I would do my first official 'baby' post and get the week going!

Here are the Top 10 Things People Don't Tell You (First Trimester). I would like to preface this post by saying I always wanted to be pregnant, couldn't wait to be a Mom. Seriously, some people want to be doctors, actresses, teachers, bankers, lawyers, the list could go on, I have always just wanted to be a Mom. So, imagine my surprise when, upon finding out I was pregnant, was pure terror haha. Seriously, its different to daydream then to be completely in the throes. I also know that the hormones had kicked into overdrive at this point, ensuring I feel a wide range of emotions at all times. Don't get me wrong, I am completely over the moon and cannot wait to snuggle this little bundle, but this is real life people, in 5 short months I will be pushing that not so little bundle out into this world and be responsible to teach them how to be a good person. Big responsibility. Am I ready for that?! Those were the things I immediately thought of in the first moments of looking at the positive sign on the test. Now, I've had a little bit more time to process, read a ton of information, talk to other Mom's and get excited and comfortable with all of the changes I will be going through. This Top 10 list are things that are not that commonly talked about and believe me, you're not the only one out there this is happening too!

  1. MOOD SWINGS. I know that people joke about these, but wow. Talk about feeling completely out of control of your body and mind. I can know something makes sense logically or that its not the end of the world, but try telling that to my hormone riddled brain. Poor Mr. wedding girl has experienced quite the range. Oh, and don't watch the following shows during pregnancy unless you're looking to clear those tear ducts- Parenthood, Grey's Anatomy, any commericals that involve a baby, anything happy or sad, anything that evokes emotion. I cried driving to my parents once because a freaking One Direction song came on and I happened to be driving by the place we got married. There is no correlation at all between these 2 things, I just started crying...Its awkward folks.
  2. Gas. Sorry ladies, even the most lady like of you out there, this is a real ass (pardon the pun) problem. I've always been a little shy and embarrassed to toot in front of people, including my husband. People think this is the most bizarre thing, sorry its just in me to be quiet about that. But, hello! Pregnancy is a whole different ball game, its not really me though, its the baby.
  3. Food cravings/aversions. I always wondered if women made this one up as an excuse to eat whatever, whenever. Nope, its real, and the popular ones that get the most jokes made, such as ice cream and citrus fruits are things you want the most. I've heard of vegetarians craving meat, coffee lovers hating coffee and the list goes on. Pregnancy is a weird world my friend. I am not in love with meat these days, but definitely crave ice cream or frozen yogurt, fruit (which is strange for a veggie loving girl!) and carbs. Carbs all day long please, seriously, if you don't give me carbs it will be uncomfortable for everyone involved. Also, the baby doesn't care what time of day it is, my eating is all over the place, the only constant is it has to be constant. If I want pretzels for breakfast, its happening, because I literally won't stop thinking about them. Thankfully I've been pretty tame and managing to eat well. Mmmmm cake batter frozen yogurt....
  4. Irritability. I suppose this one could be stored under mood swings, but I think it deserves its own category. I am a very, very patient person in real life. It takes a lot to get me hot and bothered, I rarely get angry and I hate fighting. Pregnancy Jess though....don't piss me off, just don't. I have zero control. And you know what, don't call me thick, comment on how big I am getting or generally make dumb comments. I'll kill you. Too much?
  5. Lack of energy. I like to believe I was a pretty peppy lady. I was always down for a late night movie or field trip (extra points if ice cream is involved!) followed a very strict cleaning schedule on weekends (designed to enjoy as much of my weekend as possible) I liked having a routine, in terms of the gym. Well guess what...the baby likes playing mind games with you and devoiding you of all energy. If I could sleep all day everyday, with hourly snacks, I would people, I really would. I don't think I've seen the other side of 10pm in months, I can't watch a full movie and getting over of bed in the morning should be a form of torture. Second trimester has helped a bit, I certainly feel better more often, but still sleep like a champ.
  6. Pain, of any weird kind. You feel all sorts of weird business when you're growing a teeny, tiny human being! Pain in your back, shoulders, legs, boobs, neck, abdomen, butt, knees, hips, head....basically you feel like a 98 year old that's just run a marathon some days...apparently this is normal y'all. Just all part of the fun! Dear lower back/butt pain, any time you wanna call it quits and let me walk and sit like a normal human would be peachy. 
  7. Tummy aches. I think this just sounds cuter then nausea or what I like to call sweating profusely and looking for the nearest garbage can even though you're not really going to vomit. I'm one of the lucky ones. Knock on wood I've only actually been sick to my stomach twice, both times were just a real delight, there's really nothing more attractive.
  8. Constipation. Sorry if this is too much for some people, but this could also go in my tooting category. I'm just more comfortable going in the privacy of my own home OK? Guess what, that baby doesn't give 2 hoots and will make you HAVE to go whenever and wherever they want. They make it painful too...thankfully my Mom makes delicious bran muffins (thanks mom!) Its gross, I know, but its a real problem people and I won't others to know they're not alone.
  9. Clothes. Here I was dumbly believing I would just look cute no matter what stage I was in. Guess I didn't know about the first 3 months when you're trying to hide it because you don't want to tell anyone but suddenly none of your clothes fit stage. Ya, that one was a real treat. I didn't look cute, I looked hefty. Couple that with my new found acne and massive eye bags from constant exhaustion and I was a regular beauty queen. Thankfully now its out there, so I can dress WAY more comfortably and even wear some maternity pieces
  10. Last, but certainly not least, constant paranoia. I wish I was calmer person, I really do. Actually I am in real life. I'm a serious worrier, but I'm pretty calm. Again, all rules go out the window and I'm all like WHAT WAS THAT?!?! IS MY BABY OK?!?! Something feels weird, can I eat that? is this normal? Should I seriously be this tired? I really hope this shit quells in the near future, the thing is I have no to very little control here. Its truly in the big guys hands, all I can do is try my hardest to keep getting exercise, eating well and sleeping. That's it. The rest is not up to me. I will need to re-read this one probably 1940382 more times in the next few months.
So there you have it, what no one really wants to tell you about the first few months. I didn't mean for this post to be negative at all, just realistic. I want to be perfectly clear, all of that stuff isn't always a barrel of monkeys, espeically when this spring seems to have the cutest styles, I mean come on! I can wear approximately none of it of course, but I digress.

This is the single most amazing thing that has ever happened to us, we are out of our minds with excitment and every rough patch is just another reminder that my lil' peanut is making themselves known. I get it, you're there, don't make me toot on the GO train. Its another reminder that our life is about to change a whole bunch, for the better. It reminds me that I am lucky enough to be healthy, to be able to carry this little nugget and give it the best start in this big old world. Most of all, it reminds me that I finally have what I've always wanted, I haven't even laid my fat (getting fatter) pregnancy hands on this little bundle, but I can already tell you I would walk to the ends of the earth for him or her. All of these fun ridiculous things remind me every single day, I've arrived...I'm a Mom.
This weeks bump shot!

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  1. I would say you're bang on with your top ten this week!
    here's the thing about clothes (and cute spring clothes for that matter) - you may not feel cute but the rest of the world is looking at you in awe and loving how cute you truly are, so just grab the maternity/baggy version of the spring clothes you want and rock that little bump ;)


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