Trendy Thursday

Happy first day of spring y'all! I know I've talked alot about neon's and pastels in the past few weeks, when it comes to trends. And hey, I would be irresponsible to not, those are two HUGE trends right now. While toodling around the Target website the other day, I noticed something beautiful-

A new, colourful shop! Let me be the first to say how saddened I was that I had made the trek there the day before this stuff hit the shelves, guess I will have to make another trip back soon! Like this weekend, right Mr. wedding girl??

Not only is it colourful and amazing, the trendy thing, this designer is a pinterest find! Target is partnering with different pinterest diy-er's and creating lines of their creations. Is that not incredible?!?! Colour me excited, people!

What do you think about this innovative idea?!?

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