Weddi-quette Wednesday

One of my favorite wedding traditions is something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. This tradition began as an english rhyme detailing what the bride should wear to provide good luck on her wedding day. Typically those close to the bride, maid of honour, mother, sisters, cousins etc, take on the task of ensuring the bride has all of these things. While I can't crack the surprise of what I will be presenting my lovely bride with this weekend, I had a ton of fun pulling things together. I think the reason I love the tradition so much is the thought that gets put into it.

For my something's my Mom had lovingly saved a baby bonnet that turned into a handkerchief (that was MUCH needed on my big day) that was my something old. My something new and blue was a combination, mr. wedding girl sent along a lovely Tiffany's bracelet that had a blue heart on it! The card put me over the edge! And my something borrowed were the beautiful hair clips I wore in my hair, from a good friend!

What are some fun ideas you've come up with for this wonderful tradition?? Is its still something you think is important?

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