Top 10 Tuesday!

Well folks, the week of Valentine's Day (yes, its a real holiday, I would suggest it should be a statutory holiday, but the best part of the day when you're little is carrying all of your valentine's and treats to school!) is here! And since its a week filled with love, what better way to start it off then a beautiful wedding recap!

My best friends got married over the weekend and what a stunning event it was! I had the pleasure of being a maid (matron) of honor and had such a fun few days! The wedding was at Angus Glen Golf Club, in Markham and they lucked out with a beautifully, sunny winter day! Check out some photo's I took, below!

Most of the wood was procured from the groom's grandparents property and he made everything! Quite the handy guy!

Beautiful head table!

Such a fun idea!

The happy couple at the rehearsal dinner! She is holding a bow bouquet! I made it for her using all of the ribbons from her shower, some masking tape and a toliet paper roll! Crafty!

Its a shame the bride is so unfortunate looking and not photogenic at all. eh?

The maple bar!!! Mmmmm

Pretty much the best photo of mr. wedding girl and I....this is what happens when you've been married for a while, he just disobey's! I said smile, not have a murderous look in your eyes! Sheesh

Candy bar! Clearly I didn't snap a photo of it full, my hands were a little busy ;)

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