Trendy Thursday!

This week I am linking up to 2 of my absolute favorite bloggers The Daily Tay and The life of Bon for their Valentine's edition of "why we work". Basically they want to know what makes you and your significant other tick.

Like any couple will tell you, there are a number of things that make us work. I would like to point out "work" as the operative word here. Its a marriage and like anything else good in life, it takes work.

We have the same vision for our future and truly want the same, simple things out of life.

We have open, honest conversations about feelings. (I know if any dudes are reading this, Mr. wedding girl included, they're squirming haha- but hey! feelings talks are important y'all) HONESTY is key.

We love to travel together and are really good at it! Not long into our relationship we decided to go on a two week roadtrip. This would be a lofty goal for any relationship, but it solified ours.

We laugh together, often. Silliness is a big thing in our household.

We do things for eachother. I make his lunch every day. He takes the garbage out and folds my laundry like I live in the Gap.

We still surpise eachother. Could be a little note in his lunch or I will pick up his favorite magazine or a book he's been eyeing. Sometimes he strolls onto the train with a tea and a cupcake or some beautiful flowers. Its truly the little things that are the big things.

He gets my quirky, weird, dorky personality and compliments it.

He tells me I'm beautiful, when I feel like I am anything but and is genuine.

He still gives me butterflies.

He is my best friend.

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's weekend, filled with love, chocolate and some romantic comedies! <3


  1. AWE! I love this! I just popped over from The Daily Tay! I have been loving reading what everyone has to say!

  2. Just found your blog through the link-up and am really excited that I did! Love how you emphasized that it takes work. Thanks for sharing!


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