Weddi-quette Wednesday

I've been pondering something lately (what a great statement, love pondering!). Thinking a lot about "just saying no". It seems to be all over the blog universe lately, seems to be a lot of folks resolutions and it seems to work for a lot of people...so why does it seem like such a hard concept.

Do you often feel like you're saying yes to things because you're worried about the reaction if you say no. Obviously I am aware you can't pick and choose absolutely everything you do in life, you can't say no to every single thing you don't feel like doing. Sometimes you have to bite the bullet, but not all the time. Often times I will say yes to plans and requests because I feel like I should. "Don't should on yourself." I LOVE that saying, its something I am very guilty of doing, I should all over myself. I should feel a certain way, do a certain thing, dress a certain way...but why? One thing I've learned about myself is I am typically very busy. The reality of my job is that I sometimes work weird hours, so when I do find myself with a few free evenings in a row, the thought of going to the gym, having dinner and catching up on TV sounds absolutely heavenly too me. Sometimes I feel guilty that I want to be a hermit, that I don't want to make plans necessarily. But why? Why do I feel guilty for my feelings?

I always want to make sure the people I love know it, I want them to have the attention they deserve and feel the love right back. I also want to make sure I am being honest with myself and doing the simple things that make me happy. Its tough to let go of the should's though. Don't get me wrong here, I love socializing and doing dinners, games, movies, shopping, hosting family and friends, all of those wonderful things. I also really like nesting, orgainizing my house and spending some quality, quiet time with my couch and pinterest...a lot. So- here is another goal I am working on. Just say no and if people really love you for you, they'll get it!

What do you think, is this something any of you struggle with?? What is your answer?? Have you had any success in just saying no?

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