Weddi-quette Wednesday!

Welcome to this week's edition of weddi-quette wednesday! A day devoted to crafts! Today I will be sharing how I made both the sparkly mason jars and the tassle banner!

Supplies-  Mason Jars
                Elmer's Spray Adhesive
                Gold glitter

Very simple! I washed the mason jars and sprayed them with a coat of glue before pouring the glitter on. Then I proceeded to roll them in a pile a few times to ensure the entire jar was coverd. DO NOT respray the jar, it will mess up the original coat of glitter and end up a mess.
And for the tassel banner, this was my inspiration:
It was actually much easier to make then I'd originally thought. Here are the supplies I used:
- Tissue paper, which I purchased from Target! It takes one piece per tassle, so you can buy as much or as little as you'd like, depending on the size of your banner.
- A hot glue gun
- Scissors
- twine, string or bakers twine
* optional * decorative tape and a ruler

Here we go, step one, fold your piece of tissue paper in half horizontally and then vertically. Once that is complete, you cut it up the seam, so that you have 2 perfectly even pieces. Lie them one on top of the other. Then start making straight cuts towards the top of the tissue paper, which should be the folded end.

 Once you've made all of your cuts, seperate the 2 pieces and lay one out flat.

 Carefully begin to fold the tissue paper into itself like an accordian. The finish product should look like a spider.
 Twist the centre piece until the entire middle folded part has been twisted. Then create a small loop, big enough for the string to fit through. Once that is done, dab a dot of hot glue and hold until dry.
 Voila! Here is the half finished product!  So much fun to make! And you could really do so in a number of colours!
This picture is the defination of success! And one happy girl!

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  1. Oh my goodness I had no idea you made that tassle banner!!!! Love you girl thank you so muchhh xoxo


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