Top 10 Tuesday!

I mentioned last week that I was planning and attending a bachelorette party over the weekend. It was a huge success, I think everyone had a good time, most of all the bride of course! Here are some photo's:

The sweets table, all ready to go! I made all of the decorations and will be putting a step by step tutorial up tomorrow!

Cupcakes, of course!

Small candy bar

Maid of honor and the beautiful bride to be!

Just discovered the panoramic view on my camera!

Cheers to the beautiful bride!
 We started the evening at One King West, which was a very beautiful hotel, I would recommend their suites for a party our size! It was perfect! We played a few games- the "Nearlywed" game (which one of the other bridesmaids taped ahead of time), celebrity fantasy date (basically each girl wrote a name down, I read them all out and the bride had to guess who said what, so fun!) and the best game the oven mit panty ho hoe down! My lord, there might be nothing funnier. Basically I had each girl pick a partner, from there I gave each team a pair of oven mits and panty ho's, I explained that one person had to put on the oven mits and attempt to put the tights on, then take them off and pass them to her team mate...so hard, then I started the music and let them go!

Following that we headed out to El Convento Rico, which is a drag bar in Toronto. Oh my lord, so funny! If you're planning a bachelorette, I would suggest going there, they certainly make a big deal about the brides to be!

Hope you come back tomorrow for a step by step crafty guide!

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