Trendy Thursday

Thursday already, we're zipping through what is known as the most depressing week of the year. This years lovely, frigid temperatures didn't help cheer anyone up! I've been trying to cheer myself up, with daydreams of curling up at home to catch up on some Pretty Little Liars or Reign (so good, both made for teenagers, both captivate me weekly). Or daydreams of warm, sunny strolls around the neighbourhood with mr. wedding girl, bike rides, ice cream, brightly coloured wardrobes, dinners on patio's. Winter, I'm over you. I do love that I live in a place with all four seasons, I feel like I would get bored with all sunshine all the time. Seriously though, on January 1st, things can start warming up if they'd like. Like anything else you have to take the bad with the good and if we didn't experience this insane drop in temperature, maybe we wouldn't enjoy the summer and soak up every last ray as intently.

Anyways, moving right along, we're not in the heart of winter weddings! I've been having a jolly old time pinning away some winter wedding inspiration. I am loving navy, with pops of gold and peach. So gorgeous!! Here are some examples of what I am talking about!

See what I mean, gorgeous right? I love the dark hues of navy and gold, with the bright pops of coral and pink. Its romantic and cheery at the same time! The pink brings a promise of summer and warmth, both of those things I could use right about now. Is this a palate you would consider?

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