Weddi-quette Wednesday

I have a confession...its about my wedding thank you cards. It took me seven months to completely finish and send them all out. I know, not great. I have talked about the importance of getting those done quickly and out to everyone and I do believe that is important- I promise. What I've discovered though, is life gets in the way sometimes. I don't want to make excuses, that was not the intention of this post. I just wanted to be honest, wanted to let you know that not everything gets done perfectly and you know what, that is ok. Everyone has gotten or should be getting their thank you cards this week and I truly wanted to dedicate the right amount of time to each card. I wanted to make those thank you's count, because all of the love in that room (tent) on June 1st, meant a lot too me. Taking my time was more important to me then a rushed "thank you for coming". Between the house and the new job, the cards ended up being a little bit more time consuming then I thought.

Here is what I discovered, my hand hurts after approximately 10 cards, that is what typing all day will do to your skills. I should hand write things more! Writing each card and remembering a wedding memory with each guest was so wonderful and gratifying. Knowing that is the last little piece of your wedding is kind of hard to part with, maybe subconiously that's why I took a while? No, no, its truly all of the unexpected things, new house, new job, new husband. So you know what, don't feel guilty, not if you want to take the time to pour your heart into that project. Just make sure it doesn't take a year...that is the official rule after all. So this is me letting you off the hook or trying to let myself off the hook I suppose.

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