Top 10 Tuesday!

Happy last day of 2013 everyone! A year I am both sad and happy to see go. Here is too more relaxation, house projects, learning new things and simplicity for 2014! Who am I kidding though, my life always seems to keep me on my toes!

Since I've already done a recap of my last year, I thought I would share my hopes and goals for the coming year. You know, feeling inspired by all of the other blog posts floating around the blog-sphere!

My plans for the new year are pretty simple. Now that I own my own house (funny sentance!) I want to really focus on doing little projects there. I want to refurbish furniture, orgainize, experiment more in the kitchen, have the opportunity to host more gatherings! I figure that is my little space in the world, lets make it interesting. On that same note, I want to learn new things, I want to take cooking classes or something new once a month. I want to continue being passionate about reading and find new authors, keep being motivated to reach my fitness goals, I want to only surround myself with positivity. Something I've learned (and believe me when I say it has taken my a looooong time to learn this) and has been more present recently is it is very easy to play the victim. It is easy to feel sad or sorry for yourself, when really, most of the time...who cares. If you are sweeping your own side of the street, for lack of a better phrase and being the best person you can be, that's all that matters. So 2014 is about reminding myself of that! I got too sappy there, didn't I?

I can feel it, 2014 is going to be an excellent year. So goodbye to a truly magical, crazy, wild year- a year filled with trips, a new job, a new house and the most wonderful day of my life and hello to a new year full of possibilities!

I hope you all have a safe, fabulous, happy, wonderful new years!

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