Good Morning readers!

I hope you're all having a very blessed, warm, cozy christmas eve. I will be once I'm done work for the day (woo!). If you live in the Toronto area, I know it will be a white christmas, thanks to all of the stormy weather the past few days. I hope you're all reading this from your own warm homes, but if you still don't have power, I hope you've been taken in by loved ones! A little massive ice storm is a good reminder about what is important! It doesn't matter where you celebrate, what you eat or if your gifts are perfectly wrapped...its all about who you're with (and if you're warm! oh and being able to have a shower and a cup of tea is pretty key...but otherwise, you catch my drift). We almost had a house full of people for the holidays, as my family lost power for a few days and luckily, ours was just off and on, so the house was still warm! It would have been a little squishy and cozy, but it would have been great! Christmas is back on the originally planned way, but it was a nice little reminder all the same.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday, filled with love, laughter, good prezzies and delicious food! This is my favorite time of year for a reason! I'm checking out for the rest of the week, but will return next week. Its time for me to go enjoy long chats, baby snuggles and yummy meals!

Lots of love to you all and thanks for coming back to read the posts week after week!

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