A love letter...

I read this article today and it really struck a cord with me. I know its not very holiday related and we're only 5 days away (woo hoo!) but I wanted to blog about this because its something I really believe in.

Body and self image are such tricky things, especially these days. The media pumps images of what "pretty" is. Don't get me wrong, a lot of those girls are beautiful, stunning even, but it’s the wrong message. Pretty is being a good person, doing things for others, having a big heart and time for a chat. Pretty is lifting people up when they're down and even when they're not. Pretty is complimenting someone else, being smart, sensitive and silly.

I been very lucky in a lot of ways, but a big one that I don't often think about because its just how I know my life to be, is the praise I often receive and always have, from my parents. After reading this letter I realized a few things. Growing up, I never once heard my Mom criticize her body, not once. I'm sure there were times where she didn't feel as beautiful as she is, but I never knew it. Now that I'm an adult we have honest conversations about it, but in those years that it mattered most, she kept that to herself. I have many memories of my Dad telling her she is beautiful and she is, not only physically, but she has the biggest heart in the world. If you've had the pleasure of meeting my folks, you know, they're great.

As a little girl I remember thinking my Mom was the prettiest person in the entire world, not because she wore make up or dressed glamourously, because she didn't, she doesn't have too, but because she would sing and read and play with us. Although she does have a wicked cool fashion sense. I thought my Dad was so funny and smart, not because he graduated from Harvard and worked as a top exec in a big company, because he didn't, but because he would be silly and playful, he has an uncanny ability to make you feel special.

I am the person I am today because they both drilled into me that I am funny, smart, pretty, tenacious, driven and sensitive. You can't replicate that, you are a product of your environment. Now that I am married and creating a family of my own, I was seeking someone that made me feel as safe and loved as I felt growing up. I found that person, as you all know because I sing his praises on the regular.

I'm a big believer that you get what you give in life, this includes your attitude and the way you treat others. So I truly encourage you to always look past the physical, because the most beautiful people in the world are rarely what hollywood's defination is. Over the holiday's give someone an extra smile and compliment, look a little deeper, you'll see what I mean.

See you next week for the final blogs of 2013, can you believe it?!? Have a happy, holiday filled weekend!

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