A New Year, A New You!

Happy New Year readers!

I hope you all had a magical holiday, mine was so lovely and relaxing. Today I am back at it, mainly trying to stay warm than able to focus on much at all, its a disgusting -25 here today in Toronto, not being about to feel your forehead is an interesting concept and not one that should be allowed!

With a new year just having begun, everyone and their brother is talking about resolutions, goals and wishes for the coming year. 2 days into a fresh slate and I think I've been doing pretty good! Talk to me again in a month haha. This year, as you know from this post, I don't think I set myself up for failure. After reading one of my brand new favorite blogs At Home In Love and thinking about my goal of "simplifying". To me, simplyifing means a number of things, but thankfulness and gratitude is up there. I believe that helps you reach simplicity, as you become happy with the little things.

So today, I thought I would share a few of my favorite "little" things, these are things that put a smile on my face, give me an extra bounce in my step and for the most part cost next to nothing!

A cup of steeped tea, my favorite!

A fresh manicure, usually one I've given myself, bonus points for no nicks!

Getting my magazine in the mail!

Cracking open a fresh book, one you know you won't be able to put down

- finding a new TV show and realizing you have a few seasons to watch!
- making your favorite dinner
- when your husband decides to give you a foot or back rub (which apparently mine does all the time...can you see me rolling my eyes) just kidding, I'm grateful!
- morning blog roll!
- an excellent chat with an old (or new!) friend
- a new shirt, since we're on the cheap and we're being honest, something from Joe Fresh, the Gap or Old Navy usually gets me pretty jolly!
- a good hair day (so key!)
- making someone laugh

Remember, its these little things that are amazing, if you're too busy searching for the big things, you may let these slip by! What little things are you grateful for? What puts pep in your step?

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