Weddi-quette Wednesday!

Good Morning Readers!

I'm sorry I missed my Top 10 Tuesday yesterday, I figured my long winded Monday message was enough to get you through yesterday, you know, really let it sink in!

Since I am having a housewarming party this weekend and I am trying to round out this blog for all events a little bit more, I thought it would be fun to discuss idea's for housewarming part-ay's! Also get ready for my holiday party idea's, which I will start highlighting weekly in 2 short weeks!

Due to the fact that we don't have a ton of space to work with, we're going to try to make this little event flow well and be cozy! So we're going to set up a food station with a make your own sandwich bar, chips, salads, fruit and veggie tray's and desserts (obviously!). We're also celebrating my birthday, which is so lovely and sweet to have almost all of my favorite people in one place! Decorations will be minimal, because it feels little weird to decorate for my own birthday, so I will just get lots of beautiful flowers from the farmers market, light some candles, get out some festive straws and napkins and bam! We have ourselves a party. I find often times with gatherings like these, in a small space, less is more.

I will absolutely take photo's! Happy hump day all!

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