Trendy Thursday!

My lord! You know its been a long crazy week when you #1- have completely ignored your sweet little blog and #2- woke up and genuinely thought it was Saturday! Thank goodness it almost is!

The housewarming shindig over the weekend went so well, it was so lovely to see so many people we love. We would have loved to invite more, but our house, wonderful as it is, is a little bit too cozy for that. Its so nice to be proud of something and be able to share that feeling with others. I will say though, I'm glad for a break after the last 6 months, so much amazingness, now its time to enjoy it!

Speaking of that, I cannot believe I have been married for almost 6 months! That FLEW by! We've settled into a nice little married routine and our new house and town are feeling like home, more and more every day. So what is trending today you ask? Gratitude! Seems like kind of a weird thing to be trendy, but its something that I've been really trying to keep front of mind. Gratitude is one of those funny things, it feels amazing if you give it the time it deserves, but also easy to forget.

I feel like today's society (getting deep here!) promotes a sense of necessity. What I mean by this is people think the deserve certain things at certain times. Its easy to feel that way when you look around, look on social media, turn on the TV, etc. I think it’s the feeling of belonging that people are looking for and most will go out of their way to do whatever they can to get that. What I've learned through experience and reading books and articles on the subject of happiness, is this is never going to be the way to get it. Ever. Being greatful, loving the little things, spending time with people, discovering activities that make you happy. That is what happiness is.

One of the biggest issues when it comes to weddings or any social event these days is the idea that it "should" be a certain way, cost a certain amount, serve certain things etc. Why though? Why can't you spend a minimal amount, have a morning ceremony and brunch with your nearest and dearest. Why can't you decide to make your wedding feel like a giant family BBQ and get rid of a lot of the rigid formalities? Its your wedding, you should do what you both want. Its so easy to look at all of the people on your facebook, instagram, pinterest, etc and think well so and so had that amazing DJ, so we should probably aim for something like that. Why though? Is that what you truly want? Don't get caught up in what everyone else is doing, easier said then done, I know, but it won't bring you true happiness. Have gratitude for whatever is going on in your life, if it happens to be wedding planning and you're trying to make some decisions just remember, the most important thing on that day is you and your partner. Do what you want (and can afford), don't waste time and money on things that don't matter and you won't even remember. Above all, dig deep and make it you!

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