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Ok, I know its only November 19th and the real Christmas-y stuff shouldn't start until December 1st, but I have been reading so many other bloggers rave about their favorite parts of Christmas and favorite traditions! I thought it would be fun to share my Christmas Top 10 with you, because lets face, its time to get into the holiday spirit!! I say soak it up as long as you can, because its such a fast paced month! I've offically got the Christmas music going in my house and adored watching the snow fall last night *sigh*. Picking my top 10 favorite things about Christmas was REALLY tough. I am a holiday girl, so I love pretty much everything!

1.       Getting the tree. I am still old school and buy a real tree, a tradition that is very important to me and always will be. The ritual of getting the actual tree changes from year to year depending on our circumstances, some times its at Loblaws or Home Depot, sometimes we go and cut it down. Each year I am meticulous about picking out the perfect tree though! Making a day of it and cutting it down is my favorite way to do it, of course I don't really do the heavy lifting, so we will see if that is mr. wedding girl's favorite way to do it after this year, my Dad might say otherwise as he has been the one humping it to the car in years past. I have such great memories of heading out with my siblings, trekking through the snow, freezing, sniffling and picking out the best tree there. I want my family to have those memories too! You can find me tree hunting on November 30th this year! Woo hoo!
2.       Decorating the house and tree. There is really no better feeling then pulling out your box multiple crates of Christmas decorations! Turn up the Christmas music, make a hot chocolate and get to work! Can. Not. Wait.
3.       Christmas baking. The smells, the treats, the tradition, all so great! I love baking on a normal day, so when you turn on some N'Sync Home for Holiday's and slap an apron on me, its like I've won the lottery.
4.       The movies. I watch "White Christmas", "Love Actually" and "The Holiday" religiously, every December. I will not break and watch any of those movies before December comes around. When Rosemary Clooney emerges in the Mrs. Claus outfit at the end of White Christmas might be one of my all time favorite movie moments, but nothing gets me jollier then Hugh Grant's voice in the opening credits of Love Actually. I am not opposed to other Christmas movies, I will watch anything I get get my chubby hands on, but those are my absolute favorite!
5.       The Annual Cookie Exchange. This will be my sixth (where does the time go?!) annual cookie exchange! I love getting all of my girlfriends together in one place over the holiday's, we eat treats, catch up and its honestly nice just to relax and be together, it is truly something I look forward to every year.
6.       Shopping for the perfect presents. Need I say more?? The mall is decorated, you can grab a tea and just stroll around stores looking for the perfect gift.
7.       The music. I LOVE IT ALL. My favorite all time Christmas song you ask, "All I want for christmas is you",  the original Mariah verison of course!
8.       Jingle jammies. Who doesn't love a good pair of Christmas jammies??? They bring so much cheer!
9.   Anything involving my skates and snow gently falling!
10.   My absolute favorite thing about Christmas is all of the family stuff. I love spending time with everyone, catching up on life and just being cozy!

So there you have it! What are your favorite things about Christmas?!?
Our tree last year....11 more sleeps until we get this years!

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