Top Ten Tuesday

As promised, today I will be sharing some of my favorite ideas for holiday entertaining. For the remainder of November and December, every Top 10 Tuesday will feature different aspects of holiday entertaining. Let's get the ball rolling with decorating ideas!

Its important for your house to feel cozy and cheerful around the holiday's! You definately want to be careful though, because there is such a thing as too much. My style is more DIY, country chic, vintage-y, but I definately also like all of the gold and silver sparkly options! I like to keep in intereting! Moving into a new house, means finding new ways to decorate. Its definately different then last year, I don't have a mantle anymore :( and I also don't have all of the fabulous shelf space, so I'm getting creative. Here are my Top 10 Decorating Idea's:

See what I mean by being a little all over the place? I just love christmas! Like I said though, my biggest goal is for it to be cozy and cheerful! I will make sure to take some photo's of my finished product to share with you guys!

How do you like decorating for christmas?? What is your style?

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