Top 10 Tuesday!

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! Its almost Halloween! Woo hoo! I love Halloween, I don't know if its got a special place in my heart because my birthday quickly follows, so I have many fond memories. Or perhaps its my love for the fall and the knowledge that the holiday's are not far off! Or maybe, just maybe its because everything smells and tastes like pumpkin and its a reason to decorate! There are clearly tons of reasons why I love this spooky holiday!

So I'm obviously having a great week with that on the horizon, I also have beautiful wedding this coming weekend in the distillary district, my clients are so cute and excited! It reminds me of why I love weddings!

Today I thought I would pass along my Top 10 Gift Idea's for the Couple that has EVERYTHING! More and more its becoming difficult for people to shop for wedding gifts, the reason being that people often live together before getting married. We used crappy stuff for the first year we lived together and waited to open all of our beautiful wedding gifts when we moved into our new house, what a treat! I know cash is king and everyone appreciates getting it, but sometimes its fun to put together a creative gift! Most of these would also work for showers. I got some of the idea's from a recent Martha Stewart article (not shocking!) and some are my own!

1. A box filled with cooking goodies. There is nothing I love more then a themed gift, so this is a great idea! Martha has also gone so far as to include a personalized grill, cut into the shape of the state the couple lives in!
2. An "insta" album! This would be a great gift for those people in your life that LOVE social media! You know the ones, they're always posting things on instagram and facebook! Now you can take some of their photo's and compile a thought book of their life together. It's more time consuming then most gifts, but lets face it, who wouldn't love that?!

3. A grill box! Do you know a couple that loves food! This would be the perfect gourmet idea for them, this is always the kind of stuff you buy cheap because you don't have that extra cash, but what a treat it would be to recieve it as a gift. It would make grilling that much more fun!

4. On the flip side, a box filled with baking goodies! You can purchase all sorts of beautiful pans, mixing bowls, cupcake liners, sprinkles, the possibilites are endless!
5. Honeymoon excurisions, this is a super fun idea! You can surprise your favorite couple with a day trip, amazing meal or spa package on their honeymoon. Resorts are usually very accomodating with this, so all you have to do is find out where they're going!
6. A year full of dates! This is another super fabulous plan, you can create a box filled with fun, creative date ideas, throw in some giftcards and perhaps a few fun extra's, like popcorn and a cozy blanket and you have yourself a fun gift!
7. Relaxation basket, why not pamper the couple and buy some luxiourious robes, slippers, bubble bath and relaxing music. Good lord, what I would give to be experiencing the gift right now!
8. Is the couple the type that loves entertaining?! Why not make up a fun party basket??! You can include a gift certificate for supplies, beautiful platters and napkins, fun party games and an invitation for yourself!
9. Why not go in with a bunch of friends and give them a fun experience?! Something you know they've always wanted to do, but just haven't pulled the trigger! A weekend away white water rafting! A trip up the CN Tower to do the edge walk, whatever they'd like! Remember this is a celebration of them starting their lives together, so feel free to think outside of the box!
10. Hire a chef for the evening, more and more it is becoming popular to have a dinner party without the work! Why not spoil the couple with a little treat right in the comfort of their own home!

I hope this provided some outside of the box ideas for everyone! Remember, keep it personal and have fun!

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