Trendy Thursday

This has been a very looooooong week! And I am so excited for the weekend (as usual!) to have the chance to spend some time at home! Getting used to the new house, new commute and new schedule has definately taken some time, but I feel like we're getting into the swing of things. Its just nice to actually have the opportunity to enjoy the house and have the time to continue orgainizing things. My to do list is about as long as my arm, so its quite satisfying being able to check things off!

With Halloween quickly approaching I thought I would share some photos, via my Pinterest (of course!) to provide ideas for Halloween party's! I will not be hosting one myself, as I am doing a wedding next weekend, but you better believe the house is decorated!

So many fun, inexpensive idea's! If you have some great inspiration for one of my favorite holiday's, topped only by CHRISTMAS! Send them my way :)

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