Happy Halloween! Its the perfect, spooky day here in Toronto- dark, rainy and cold! I do hope the rain lets up for the little kiddo's to trick or treat tonight, but otherwise I like a good spooky Halloween! I, sadly, don't have any photo's of myself in amazing Halloween costumes. Its been a while since I've really dressed up! I know the time will come, probably when I have little nuggets, that I will be more spirited and dress up again. In the mean time, I will happily be handing out candy to all of the little cuties in my neighbourhood, a task I really love! First I have to rush home and quickly carve the pumpkin so everyone knows I am open for business! Due to the fact that we got home mid October and then were unpacking (and still are!) I didn't get my house to the real spooky place I wanted it. Next year I will be upping my game and fear not new neighbours, I have tons of prep time for Christmas!

Since its Halloween and my last chance to blog about pumpkins for another year, here are some great (and trendy!) photo's in case you're still thinking of throwing a Halloween bash this weekend :)

The creepier, the better! Have a safe and happy Halloween!

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